Biomechanics of training Back | Chest | Shoulders | Arms | Core & Abs | Legs


  1. Anatomie & Biomechanics.

  2. Feeling aspect of training.

  3. Compound Exercises.

  4.  Isolate Exercises.

  5. Combined Exercises & Technics.

  6. Theory to practice


3 hours


Laurent Le Bosse

SMS: 505) 603-3417



Date & Time


Max 12 participants


2539 calle Delfino, Santa Fe, NM,, 87505


Information is primordial, and should be shared, not imposed. All aspects or facets of a subject will allow you to understand fully and  make your own ideas and decisions, that relate with your perception. However the exactitude of the information and the intension behind the information is of most importance. Greed, control or manipulation of information are negative and need to be identified and avoided.